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libE57 News

Feburary 24, 2017
SPAR 3D Expo & Conference is taking place on April 3 - April 5, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis in Houston Texas.

January 6, 2016
We welcome Cyfex AG to our Supporting Partners List. They provide services for point data and mesh data and can import / export E57 files.

December 1, 2015
We welcome 3D at Depth to our Supporting Partners List. 3D at Depth subsea LiDAR software suite can export underwater data in E57 format. 3D at Depth develops best in class, underwater data collection tools that help companies and government organizations build and maintain underwater assets more efficiently, safer and more environmentally friendly.

August 20, 2015
OGC and ASTM E57 are discussing the possible synergy of working together. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has established a Point Cloud Domain Working Group to assess the current state of standards and best practices in the management of point cloud data and to guide OGC activities in working with or developing standards for point cloud data interoperability, discovery, and dissemination. Details on the Point Cloud Domain Working Group can be found at: www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/pointclouddwg. Interested parties can join the e-mail list at: lists.opengeospatial.org/mailman/listinfo/pointcloud.dwg.

June 1, 2015
A new official 3DReshaper version is now available on www.3dreshaper.com. This 2015 version of new features includes directly map photos from an .e57 file.

March 19, 2015
SPAR International Conference is taking place on March 30 - April 2, 2015 at the George R. Brown Convention Center and Hilton Americas in Houston Texas. There will be a session on 3D Data Exchange and Interoperability and Customizing the ASTM E57 Data Exchange Format on April 2 at 10:45am Room 360 AD.

January 23, 2015

Call for Partipants: Survey on using 3D Imaging systems for GD&T Assessment

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is conducting an online survey of companies who use, or could potentially use, short-range non-contact 3D imaging systems to assess part conformance to GD&T tolerance specifications. If you are interested in participating in this survey then please contact me at david.mackinnon@nrc.gc.ca so that we can send you and invitation and a link to the survey. This survey is being used to take a snapshot of the industry so that we can target our research programs in 3D imaging system standards development to better address the needs of industry. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. The survey runs until Friday, 23 January 2015.

January 23, 2015

An E57 Archiving group is being created. The focus of the e57 archiving group is on long-term retention of data for use in Historic Preservation and construction documentation. The goal is to take a collection of digital data gathered from a diverse set of sources and preserve it in a way that insures it will be usable in generations to come.

The data of interest is: 1) LiDAR scan data (point clouds) taken from a variety of manufacturer's equipment, 2) Photographs taken from a diverse set of sources for which the location of the camera can be known to a reasonable accuracy and 3) Meta data about the point clouds and pictures such as registration accuracy and field conditions.

We are currently nominating projects in a variety of fields where we have complete access to the Meta-Data required to complete the project. That data could take the form of bid specs for the job, field notes about existing conditions, or anything else that isn’t currently stored in the e57 file. From the types of meta-data identified in the representative samples we will create a list of recommended data types to add to the standard. We will then propose how the additional data can be included in the current e57 format through using an extension and which will require a turn of the standard to include it. Contact Ken VanBree - ken@ebuilts.com.

January 21, 2015

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce the publication of its introductory set of Building Documentation Standards/Specifications. 3.3D Imaging Specification references the ASTM 2807 (E57 file standard). These documents are available for download free of charge until March 16, 2015!

November 12, 2014
Three new extension have been added by Leica to help with mobile data conversion into E57:

July 30, 2014
Trimble has submitted a new data set exported from Trimble Realworks V8.1. Check it out on the Test Data Download Page.

March 12, 2014
SPAR International Conference is taking place on April 14-17, 2014 at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO. Due to lack of attendance, the contemplated meeting of E57 at the April 2014 meeting of SPAR will not take place. The E57 Executive Subcommittee will be discussing (in the near future) a revised meeting profile for the committee.

November 19, 2013
We welcome Scalypso to our Supporting Partners List. Their new 2.4 release of Scalypso officially includes support for reading and writing e57 files.

October 2, 2013
ASTM E57 file importer is available on the Rhinoceros 5 product from Robert McNeel & Associates. See McNeel E57 File Import for more information.

October 1, 2013
ASTM E57 file support is available from Euclideon Pty Ltd on the Geoverse Convert product. See Geoverse Convert for more information.

August 28, 2013
ASTM E57.04 Projects Are Launching. We am pleased to report that the ASTM E57.04 subcommittee is launching two new projects. The first is to a major effort to add compression to the exchange format. The second is to create a mobile scanning extension that will support both inside and outside applications. - See more at: Lidar News

March 18, 2013
SPAR International Conference is taking place on April 15-18, 2013 at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO. The ASTM E57 Main Committee will be meeting on Monday April 15 at 10:00AM - 12:00PM with the E57.91 Strategic Planning Session meeting later at 1:00PM - 3:00PM. The ASTM E57 Committee will share standards progress and plans. There is no cost to attend the ASTM Committee E57 meeting.

February 27, 2013
We welcome Artec Group to our Supporting Partners List. Artec Studio 9.0 can now be used with Microsoft Kinect for XBox and Windows, Asus Xtion and Xtion Pro. This means that you can turn a simple accessory into a real 3D scanner. Artec Studio 9.0 has powerful tools to enable scanning, post-processing and sharing your 3D models. They have a free trial available.

January 25, 2013
Here is a quote from a Spar Point Group article Safe doubles down on point clouds with FME 2013.

"As for that E57 standard, Safe is on board. While last year at this time Lutz told me not a single customer had even mentioned it, Lutz said that’s changed recently, and “some vendors started to pipe up about it.” That prompted an investigation, and now, “We look at it as a very rich specification that pushes us to have a very flexible internal model,” Lutz said. “It has the potential to make our product much better.” Previously, the guts of FME’s point cloud handling was based on LAS, but “with this implementation we created a user interface that’s good at mapping E57 components to LAS and vice versa,” and going forward E57 will serve that guts function."

"Lutz lauded the E57 library that helped with support and implementation, saying he gives it “high marks,” and that it makes working with E57 “not too bad,” despite it being fairly unwieldy. He predicted the market will begin to see subsets of E57 supported by groups of vendors who might start touting a “profile” of E57 that has some restrictions, but makes it easier to write software."

"He also said the fact that some have begun to choose E57 as their archive format – such as the University of Arkansas – indicates it’s here to stay." Sam Pfeifle

January 17, 2013
Here is a quote from a LiDAR news article FME 2013 Adds Support for ASTM E57.

"I just finished speaking with Dale Lutz one of the founders of Safe Software. They have just released FME 2013 which as you can see now has support for E57. To make a 30 min conversation short, Dale was so impressed with the performance of E57 that they are re-architecting their entire platform for 2014 in order to take full advantage of what the E57 libraries are capable of doing."

"He stated that because of the extremely large files sizes inherent with point clouds that the high performance of E57 will now be their model for all of FME’s data conversion engine. They have also created a number of utilities for manipulating point clouds that may be of interest. Similar to grid algebra for raster data, Dale calls this “point algebra”.

"There are few people more knowledgeable about geospatial data conversion than Dale. This is a remarkable tribute to all of the people involved in this effort. Thanks Dale for your vote of confidence." Gene Roe LiDAR news

January 14, 2013
Leica GeoSystems have announced support for a new series of code sprints with Open Perception. Code named PCL-LGSCS this open source project will run during the first quarter of 2013. Our expectation on the ASTM E57.04 subcommittee is that we will be able to make use of this effort to add compression to the E57 data interoperability standard.

November 19, 2012
Here is some more great news. Martin Isenburg has made available an e572las.exe converter tool that reads the LiDAR data from a *.e57 file and converts it to either standard LAS, compressed LAZ, or a simple ASCII TXT file. Here is the README.txt. See Martin's web site http://rapidlasso.com.

October 3, 2012
Now this is extremely helpful. Thanks to the people behind the open source CloudCompare project for recently adding the ASTM E57 data exchange format to their list of supported formats there is now a free viewer for ASTM E57 data – exciting, plus the ability to compare point clouds (or a triangular mesh) from different vendors. We welcome EDF Group / open source CloudCompare to our Supporting Partners List.

September 21, 2012
In the article "Non-profit launched to advance open source point cloud processing" from Spar Point Group, Radu Rusu, president and CEO of the newly created Open Perception, was quoted as follows:

"Rusu said Open Perception, pending a funding source, would also be taking on the libE57 effort, which creates open source software for managing files that adhere to ASTM’s E2807 Standard Specification for 3D Imaging Data Exchange (generally known as the E57 standard). He said of the current E57 standard, “there’s a lot of promise here,” and pledged Open Perception’s full support of the standard going forward, though he expressed some disappointment that E57 isn’t a working format and that it’s more useful for transferring, storing, and archiving data than anything else."

“But you have to acknowledge that things before E57 were very bad,” Rusu said, “with every hardware manufacturer having a different format. And just getting these companies to agree on something is extremely hard. It’s a very good first step.”

September 19, 2012
Allpoint Systems has announced that in release 1.1.2 that they will support E57 in their automated registration (Scan-time), web collaboration (Insight), and Mobile LiDAR (Perception Engine) products. We welcome Allpoint Systems to our Supporting Partners List.

September 11, 2012
We welcome Geopticks Ltd. to our Supporting Partners List.

August 22, 2012
The final release of libE57 V1.1.312 is now available for download. This is a bug fix release with Linux support added. We would like to thank all the members of the ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability Committee for a job well done.

August 15, 2012
Article in the recent LiDAR News E57 LiDAR Data Format - Moving the LiDAR Market Forward

May 29, 2012
Kubit’s laser scanning software PointCloud and also the industry solutions of PointSense now also support the import of the ASTM standard format E57. With PointCloud and PointSense E57 cannot only be imported into AutoCAD 2013 but also into older versions of AutoCAD starting with AutoCAD 2010 and its vertical applications.

May 16, 2012
Autodesk has announced the release of a free ASTM E57 Point Cloud Plug-in for both x64 and x32 AutoCAD products. This plug-in adds support for the ASTM E57 3D file format, extending the capability of the AutoCAD Point Cloud engine. An E57 file is a vendor-neutral format for storing point clouds, images, and metadata produced by 3D imaging systems. This file format is documented in the ASTM E2807 Standard. It is compatible with AutoCAD 2013, AutoCAD Architecture 2013, AutoCAD Mechanical 2013, AutoCAD MEP 2013, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013.

April 5, 2012
SPAR International Conference is taking place April 15-18, 2012 at the Woodlands (Houston), Texas. There will be a session on Wednesday April 18 at 10:30AM-11:45AM called "Standards Updates: E57 in Action". The ASTM E57 Committee will share standards progress and plans. The ASTM E57 Committee will meet later that day at 2:00PM.

March 19, 2012
Faro Technologies Inc. has just announced the release SCENE V5.0, the latest in the company's line of point cloud capture processing software for the Focus3D. SCENE 5.0 also supports the new ASTM E57 industry standard, a manufacturer-independent, binary data exchange format for 3D data. See LiDAR News article.

January 30, 2012
We have received some new test data from Trimble RealWorks V7.2 product.

January 18, 2012
We welcome Maptek Pty Ltd and Point Cloud Library (PCL) to our Supporting Partners List.

December 13, 2011
Zoller+Fröhlich has just announced that the new features presented at INTERGEO like the cloud-to-cloud registration and support for ASTM E57 are now implemented in the latest version of LaserControl V8.2. See Z+F support for e57 standard

November 23, 2011
MicroStation V8i SS3 has added support for the E57 standard. With Cyclone support combined with MicroStation import capabilities of E57 enables faster conversion of data from Cyclone to MicroStation. See MicroStation V8i importing Point Cloud with e57 standard.

November 9, 2011
Leica Geosystems announces that Leica Cyclone V7.3.2 will fully supports the ASTM E57 standard. See LiDAR News item Leica Geosystems announces ASTM E57 Support and Leica's news release.

More test data has been added from a Riegl's V-Line instrument and converted to E57 using the RiScanPro exporter.

November 3, 2011
More test data is available. We have a large scan taken with the new Faro's Focus 3D scanner and a parking lot scene scanned with the Leica's ScanStation 2 and converted to E57 using Leica's next software release.

October 31, 2011
The ASTM E57.04 sub-committee has approved the extension listing process. One of the greatest strengths of E57 is that it was designed to be readily extensible to accommodate new hardware innovations. This will allow extensions to be listed and documented for all E57 users. See the Extensions page. See LiDAR News item ASTM E57 Data Interoperability Update

September 14, 2011
There are a couple of positive developments on the adoption front that have happened this week – very exciting. Pointools has announced that they have implemented an ASTM E57 read capability in their POD Creator software and Riegl is looking at a November time frame for their ability to write the E57 format. In the case of Pointools this will also provide Microstation users with the ability to read E57 files as they are the Microstation point cloud engine. The momentum is starting to build for the use of the E57 data exchange format. Please continue to ask your vendors for their support. See LiDAR News item ASTM E57 Data Exchange Format Update.

September 8, 2011
The final release of libE57 V1.0.224 is now available for download. We would like to thank all the members of the ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability Committee for a job well done.

August 24, 2011
We have just added a new best practices page to the documentation page where users can see code examples of implementing different E57 features. This will help users intergrate the library into their applications.

The committee has also agreed to end the beta testing soon and to release the final libE57 V1.0. Watch for a new release.

August 9, 2011
In order to remain more open with the lidar community and get more people involved, we have added all of the ASTM E57 sub-committee information to our home page. Here is the ASTM E57 information:

To post to the working ASTM E57 sub-committee, send email to astm-e57-data-interoperability@googlegroups.com.
To subscribe to this group, send email to astm-e57-data-interoperability+subscribe@googlegroups.com.
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to astm-e57-data-interoperability+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com.

To see all the documents, meeting notes, and discussions of the ASTM E57 sub-committee visit http://groups.google.com/group/astm-e57-data-interoperability?hl=en. or e57-shared on Google Docs

August 5, 2011
We have just added a new supporting products page to the web site where each product's E57 features capabilities are listed. This will help users choose the right applications for their projects.

July 20, 2011
We have set up an ASTM E57 Data Exchange Format group on LinkedIn to encourage the exchange of ideas and information as well as answer question about the E57 format and libE57 library. See our "E57 User Group" on our menu.

We welcome Safe Software Inc. and Virtual Geomatics, Inc. to our Supporting Partners List.

July 6, 2011
The specification of the E57 file format for 3D data exchange includes a variety of capabilities that may not be relevant to every software package or hardware device that intends to write or read E57 files. The ASTM E57-04 sub-committee on Data Interoperability has divided the capabilities of the E57 format into a small set of disjoint features that a software package may choose to implement or not implement as needed. To maintain consistency across software vendors and to minimize confusion by customers and users, we recommend that every vendor use this naming convention to report whether their software supports each feature. See Feature Categories.

June 2, 2011
Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today Trimble® RealWorks version 7.0, the first commercially available software suite that incorporates the newly approved ASTM International E57 E2807 data exchange standard for 3D imaging systems. Here is the article.

Intelisum has released their product LD3 Studio version 5.1 which also supports the E57 E2807 standard.

May 26, 2011
An updated release of the libE57 (version 0.3.173) is now available to download. This release has a bug fix to the validation tool (e57validate.exe) to verify E57 files. It has more bugs' fixes to the SimpleAPI. See our SourceForge's bugs list for details.

Also note that the "Test Data" page has more test E57 data files to be used to test your implementations. Please submit bugs if you find any issues with these files. Please submit your E57 data files to be posted on this page to scoleby@intelisum.com so that other implementations can help verify your implementation.

May 5, 2011
The ASTM International has just issued a news release announcing the availability of the new E2807 standard. See ASTM 3D Data Imaging Systems Committee Approves New Data Exchange Standard

March 16, 2011
The SPIE Electronic Imaging Science and Technology conference has just published a newsroom article describing the design and implementation of the E57 file format.

March 14, 2011
An updated release of the libE57 (version 0.3.154) is now available to download. This release has a new validation tool (e57validate.exe) to verify E57 files. It has a few bugs' fixes to the SimpleAPI. See our SourceForge's bugs list for details.

The download page has a new link for the latest MinGW V4.5 compiler.

Also note that a new "Test Data" page has been added with the first of many E57 data files to be used to test the implementations. If you can submit an E57 data file for this page then everyone else can help verify your file. This will help in finding bugs and verifying the implementations. Send E57 data files to scoleby@intelisum.com to be posted.

March 10, 2011
ASTM E57 3D imaging committee will have a table at the main SPAR conference on March 21-24 in Houston. Come and talk to us about your concerns. Also come join us on Thursday morning for the session called "Standardizing Data Formats" where the E57 standard and LibE57 implementation will be discuss.

March 1, 2011
Reported in the LiDAR News on February 27, 2011: "There is good news to report concerning the recently approved ASTM E57 3D imaging data exchange standard. First the actual standard itself will soon be available from ASTM – the American Society of Testing Materials. I believe the standard is No. E2807, but check the website to be be sure.

Just as importantly, I am pleased to report that a number of major vendors including Intelisum, Trimble, Leica, Optech, Faro and Pointools have all confirmed that they are in the process of implementing support for E57. For those interested in learning more about the reference implementations being supported by the E57.04 subcommittee.

In addition, both the GSA and Fiatech are considering adopting the use of E57 as the required data deliverable format. This will certainly be a major step forward for the industry."

Feburary 1, 2011
A new release of the libE57 (version 0.3.123) is now available to download. This version will generate the V1.0 E57 file format as approved by the ASTM standard E2807.

January 13, 2011
The revised E57.04 Data Exchange Format Ballot has closed with no negatives. This means that the ASTM standard E2807 is now approved. The standard should be published in the next 2-3 months. Again let's thank all the folks who have helped this process along the way.

January 5, 2011
We have written a paper describing the design and implementation of the E57 file format, which will be presented at the upcoming SPIE Electronic Imaging Science and Technology conference (IS&T) on January 24th.

January 5, 2011
The revised E57.04 Data Exchange Format Ballot is again posted on the ASTM web site. The ballot will be open and available on the web until January 10, 2011. Please Vote.

November 3, 2010
The ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability Committee has found a fundamental flaw in the storing of the intensities and color information. The standard needs to be modified to add two new structures for the bounds on intensities and color values. Hopefully, this can be corrected before the ASTM E2761 standard is published. Look for an update in the libE57 library shortly.

August 31, 2010
The E57.04 Data Exchange Format has received official approval as a standard (known as ASTM E2761). The ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability Committee has worked more than three years to get to this point. Let us thank all the folks who have helped this process along the way.

July 21, 2010
The E57.04 Data Exchange Format Ballot is now posted on the ASTM web site. The ballot will be open and available on the web from July 21, 2010 to August 20, 2010. Please Vote.

July 9, 2010
Beta testing has started. Please read the beta testing instructions to find out how to get involved.

This site is © Copyright 2010 E57.04 3D Imaging System File Format Committee, All Rights Reserved